Feb 9th.. wax wars

Started cutting into one of my life size wax torso’s, removing shapes and adding them to the extremities of the sculpture…




OOPs! as usual things started to go wrong…. I met with this the next morning… seems to happen alot to me.!!.. P_20140917_091651

Any way, I managed to reconstruct something from the remnants.. and decided to remove alot of the additions, (save the idea for another time)… It sat on the table next to one of my arms.. the relationship was interesting, so I decided to construct an arrangement mimicking a human form, from a number of disparate sources, propped on wax poles and boxes. The left arm took me back to my degree days hard steel formal sculpturing.  I’m liking the journey the arrangement is taking, the elements are separated so can be moved to affect different relationships, interesting to see how far you can separate the forms and still read them as a single figure.. if indeed you can in the first place!!

I like how I can separate them to be individual sculptures, i’ll have to photograph that to illustrate the point.


I started playing with this lying figure but he didn’t last long..P_20140910_090554

Though i’m really enjoying this disseminated block. Same idea as before, I cut a shape out and add it to the outside and slowly the mass of the block moves to the side, then as most of the shapes have been cut, I cut out the filligree thats left between the shapes, this is added to the extremeities, soon the mass of the box has completely shifted, almost like smoke, I like this idea of transmogrification, one state changing into another.


Puts me in mind of those wonderful cherry blossom festivals in Japan, where people go to see the wind blowing the pink blossom of the cherry trees , to remind them of the temporal nature of things and indeed themselves.

Sometimes at night …


I think i’ll try and cast this one into bronze..


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