Feb 16th -New Waxes. New site in Cley on sea. New space for Messums.

New wax figure, cut outs from this body are added to the exterior, slowly he blends into a new environment. Nightmare to cast!P_20141118_143240

Here’s the bronze not yet patinated.


Here with a partner piece in the Metal Studio at Butley.


I’ve since started to cut away at the waxes and not replace the cut outs, leaving reduced linear imagery more like a drawing .  Heres a crouching man..


He comes from this sculpture ‘Crouching man 3’. He’s being exhibited in Australia this Easter, I’ve got two one man shows.  The first Opening at ‘Mossgreen’,  Melbourne on the 26th March and at ‘Mossgreen’ Rushcutters Bay in Sidney on the 15th of April.



I’ve applied the same process to this arm.P_20141020_115013

This lying body..P_20141023_122938

which started as this


I like the language of the supports underneath too.


A Head. Sometimes I cut away untill it reduces to nothing, there’s definately a moment when the image is retained and then suddenly lost.


Exhibition in Norfolk this summer.

I’ve been checking out a site for a show i’ve been invited to participate in in Cley on Sea in North Norfolk, This June,  its a wonderful windswept location, reedbeds and shingle beech.


I think i’m going to submerge a figure, and also cast concrete heads and leave them amongst the detritus.  I like the luner otherworldliness – edge of the world stuff.


This is the figure i’m going to bury up to his thighs, leaning to the right askew..


He’s a reworked figure new head, new feet and more stuff hanging on him, he’s now called ‘Sticks & Stones’.


New Messums space in Wiltshire!


Really excited about my dealers new project , its going to be a space for large sculpture in Wiltshire, its a recently renovated 13th century Tithe barn with the largest thatched roof in the country. Its massive!


Here the new floor having just been laid.


and the underfloor heating underneath.


I’ll hopefully be showing new work in here by the end of the year, and hopefully in conjunction with my show of new work in 2016.


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