3rd March 3015. Life size wax cut outs.

I’ve started to create a life-size cut out figure!

Here’s a  brief development sequence.


The shapes are cut out of the surface of the wax and then stuck to the outside, creating an environment for the figure to inhabit, which is generated by the figure itself…


The original figure is constructed in wax, it’s very delicate, the sticks are needed to support it .

There follows a sequence for the next ‘Cut out figure’ it starts with the gradual construction of the wax:


I have to construct it upside down, so I begin by making a frame around the head, which will act as a stand when the figure is inverted..




       P_20150224_163646          P_20150224_170902

       P_20150224_171653         P_20150224_175041


Tune in next week to see it turned the right way up, and cutting commence!!

Stuff I’ve found on the camera, that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day..

This guy has moved on…………2013


Playing with the welder and the rubbish on the floor.


Painted plaster and a grinning head!


           _DSC0540                _DSC0539

Painting:Nest in a dirty mirror’ 2014


Thats it for this week, next week I’ll put the Catalogue for the Australian show on. Here’s the cover!!

oz cat

I have two shows in Australia this Easter, the first is at ‘MossGreen’, Melbourne, opening on the 26th of March,. The second at ‘Martin Cook’, Rushcutters bay Sidney, opening on the 15th of April.

Check out http://www.laurenceedwardssculpture.com

for comprehensive overview.


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