March 9th. Bubble wrap and go with the flow.

This will be the next wax to go into bronze, (‘Flow’ is the working title) I’m taking these shots to refer to when I’ve got to reconstruct it in the bronze. It’s a lying figure, you can just see a head, hands and the odd foot amidst the shapes….P_20150309_101604


P_20150309_101723  P_20150309_101713

P_20150309_101623 P_20150309_101756


This is the figure inside (less arms and legs) .. in plaster in the sitting room at the studio..



 More waxes in the casting queue….


P_20150309_100848          P_20150309_100857

Another standing figure, this one with vertical discombobulation!!!!


P_20150309_102126          P_20150309_102155

Heres an arm, a sketch.  I doubt this will go into bronze .. . Inspired believe it or not by the likes of Aldo Rossi, and his Italian Architect friends from the 70’s and 80’s calling themselves the ‘Tendenza’.

P_20150309_100920     P_20150309_100940

Actually looking at it there’s a bit of De Chirico too , never a bad thing.

quick studio shot..


The two guys on the floor, remind me of the trio of figures gathered in the foreground on the right of Piero’s “Flagelation of Christ’ a tip top favourite.. i’ll put an image in of it when I find one!


Infact inspired by that idea I went on to construct these , a trio.. in need of alot more attention.  There’s something nice about the shared focus of attention , witness’s to something that maybe they are not comfortable with witnessing, maybe they should do something.. but maybe its easier to blend in .P_20150115_114545


Heres the big guy, Started last week, (I illustrated his construction) I’ve now started to cut and add…at the moment I want there to be a horizontal movement form left to right, passing through him..


I’ve decided to develop the ‘Bubble Wrap’ men, these are a metre high and in bronze, (about to be shown in The Melbourne show Australia).



Made a life size one, with bags hanging off him..I shudder at the casting effort..



Here are some of the linear cut out sculptures cast into bronze. A friend at the studio Chris Summerfield., called them ‘Fossilized drawings’ I like that.

I was thinking that they were maybe vitrified drawings, the subject doesn’t seem to be too overt, which is good..

P_20150309_101047 P_20150309_101058 P_20150309_101108 P_20150309_101117 P_20150309_101141

This is an arm, another friend at the studio Sian Okeeffe , thought the hand looked like a skull, I liked that too.

P_20150309_101236 P_20150309_101250

I decided to use an ashen – grey patina.  I like the drips and dribbles the cutting away of the wax has caused. I also like the more abstract supports, the drawn language seems to develop through them.

P_20150309_101318 P_20150309_101327

OK here’s the Catalogue for the shows in Australia. The Melbourne show opens, on the 26th of March, its at Mossgreen 926-930 High Street, Armadale, Melbourne Vic 3143

If you meet me there and tell me you have read this I’ll buy you a Cocktail !!!!!

The second opens in Sydney on the 15th of April its at : Mossgreen, 98 Barcom Ave, Rushcutters Bay, NSW 2011

Sadly I won’t be able to make that one, so I won’t be able to buy you a drink, though I am in Sydney the week before!

oz cat

oz cat2

oz cat3

oz cat4

oz cat5

oz cat6

oz cat7

oz cat8

oz cat9

oz cat10 oz cat11

oz cat12

oz cat13

oz cat14

oz cat15

oz cat16

oz cat17 oz cat18

oz cat19

Finally here’s one of my paintings...’Nest with white triangle’ 2014, oil on board.


Checkout Website for the proffessional me!


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