March 16th: Fragments – Assistants-studio life!

The life size man continues to fragment!


P_20150312_170428   IMG_0095

I am intent on stripping this figure down, at the Fire station….


IMG_0089         IMG_0092


In front of my mirrors


The Chair of contemplation!


A Hand


Time to meet the team.  This is Freddy Morris , he’s investing the ‘Going with the flow’, sculpture, well a half of it.



This is the wax ‘Going with the flow’,  its so complicated he had to build a box around it, and pour the investment in (grog and plaster). You can just see the wax pouring cup at the top.

The other half is in the investment below, Freddy finished this the day before, next to it is a hand built one, containing the ‘Carrier’s’ head and shoulders.


thecarrier This is the ‘Carrier’ He’s 18ft wide, and takes a very long time to cast.

We are casting the fourth and final one .


This is Alice Ewing:

She is supposed to be mixing a bucket of grog and plaster, and investing the supports for the same sculpture.

P_20150313_161617 P_20150313_161630 P_20150313_161556

And this is my ‘Studio Manager’ Craig Hudson!

He is practicing the art of management.P_20150313_162431

This is Jed, who is helping out doing work experience, and John Barker a painter at the studios, who always seems to get involved!  He is clearing away all the old mould material called ‘Luto’..we do crush and seive it and use it again, but there is always too much..


P_20150313_162157       P_20150313_162214

Here are a kiln full of Investments, having been fired for four days. You can see the pouring cups have all melted away, which signifies that the waxes inside have disappeared to..


They are now being strapped and prepared to have bronze poured into them…..


The Bronze is melted in a furnace and then poured into the hollow investments..



Phew… You’ll have to wait to see how everything came out….

Time for an avian tour of the studio, here are some of the nests, on the studio bathroom window sill..


With ‘Grin and Bear’ bronze…2014


Here are some nest paintings..

Oil on board 30x30ish cms  2013


shadow slide

Two water colours ..2013



Now close your eyes if your squeemish, here is my small collection of british birds, found, sadly, on the side of the road.





And here are a couple of bird paintings. I’m looking forward to finding time to do the subject justice.


blue tit

I’m off to Australia for a month at the end of this week, I will attempt a blog after my show has opened in Melbourne.

Meanwhile I’ve  packed the assistants away ..IMG_0110

Check out Butley Mills  studios on facebook butley mills studios

The professional me


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