20 th April – Australian show.

One man show at Mossgreen, Armadale, Melbourne. 26th march to 8th April

Here are some shots form the show in melbourne, I am relieved to report that it was a great success …..!

We sold a number of the larger works, and smaller ones too.

The Melbourne audience was needless to say, very sophisticated!!

First the windows…..




Then the inside!IMG_0165

IMG_0147   IMG_0144

              We inflicted a question and answer session on the guests  Johnny         Messum sitting on my right

LE_Int_1 LE_Int_2

Paul Sumner  of ‘Mossgreen’, engaging with a sculpture.


Suit envy!




‘Mossgreen’ at Barcom  (Paddington) Sydney opened on the 15th April closes 30th. (I think)

The show then moved onto Sydney, a great city, I thought it was Manhatten meets Brighton meets Poole!

The show is still on, and we’ve again made significant sales, large and small…with enquiries for scaling work up as well. All quite overwhelming.

The  show was in a larger  more warehousy space..

photo 3


We also had some media coverage, click on the link for a  Q&A with The ‘Art Collector’ magazine


I saw this on google too…


Did a bit of touring, Sydney art school was fascinating, its housed in an old 19th century Panoptekan (sic) prison…

IMG_0641    IMG_0657

IMG_0643    IMG_0648

Lecture hall, in ‘womens prison’ see the old stair remainds on the wall and door in eves to gain access to chapel without touching the ground..IMG_0660

The Oceon pounds the city all very exhilerating..I will hopefully be showing in ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ on the cliffs overlooking the ocean this Autumn.


IMG_0633  IMG_0595


Best of all….. Instead of feral pigeons, you there were feral IBIS!!!!

IMG_0585 IMG_0581

Next week back in the studio, to see whats survived…..and maybe a few examples of my favourite bits of Aboriginal art!!!

for more : http://www.laurenceedwardssculpture.com


One thought on “20 th April – Australian show.

  1. Will be interesting to to hear, how YOU saw your sculptures while seeing them in Australia, and what thoughts evolve…….. Great too to hear of sales.


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