27th of May – Collapse and shadows..

This one wasn’t funny…… P_20150204_161111

The  sound you dread on a hot humid day, tells you that something has gone horribly wrong.


A sculpture totally disintergrated left me with a decision to make. Whether to abandon the project and start again, (something I couldn’t  contemplate) or to treat this as a conservation project, to cast all the broken pieces individually and reconstruct the sculpture in bronze, using the experience to add a layer to the work. Which was the option I chose, so the next step was to collect the fragements and assess their condition.


IMG_0997      IMG_1001IMG_0998


These are all the pieces, I am now  painstakingly casting them, will store them untill everything is in bronze and then start the reconstruction process, this is a gamble but also quite exciting..

SHADOW ON THE WALL.. Had this idea for a while, to remove the cutouts from the figure and attach them to the wall behind, acting as a sort of shadow a transfer of material from a form to a plane. I had some sketches to work from. This is probably the most enigmatic one!!


So like eating a whale it was one bite at a time….

IMG_1077IMG_1078 IMG_1079IMG_1083IMG_1084IMG_1085IMG_1086IMG_1087IMG_1088IMG_1089IMG_1090IMG_1117 IMG_1124 IMG_1092

Blow me down , if the next morning this had half collpsed as well!


I set about rebuilding, and was hopefull it would improve…


This is the studio door at the moment.. probably my inspiration.


You can see the shadow piece inside. .


Outside studio door.



BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS MANTEGNA FOR A WHILE IN RELATION TO ONE OF MY FIGURES.. I’ve always thought (as I believe is a percieved wisdom), that Mategna was at the forefront of perspectival developments in the 15th -16th centuries, and this is an example of him not getting it quite right, the feet should to all intents and purposes be much larger and the head smaller..


But looking at my figure on the floor the same phenomena exhisted the feet did not dominate, I think its to do with the slightly elevated view,

foreshortened man

actually the camera hasn’t helped make my point, though if I lower the viewing level the feet will increase in scale.


This is of no interest to you I know..  here’s Rembrandt and more small feet !




Love this Aboriginal Bark painting, the head in reality is a rock in the landscape, the rest is underground . The text explains.



No connection what so ever, save a rock or two – here’s a new shot of my stone man, now called ‘Nomad’.

_DSC0680 _DSC0686

To finish off here are some more new shots.. of finished bronzes go to my website to see more of the finished works, http://www.laurenceedwardssculpture.com.




A plaster too complicated to cast.

jangly ,man


One thought on “27th of May – Collapse and shadows..

  1. Take the lying man, and do the shadow thing on the floor…….dust to dust ashes to ashes! Love the idea of the shadow on the wall, could it be that the shadow is of more importance than the figure…..? Sorry about the broken figure, but I’m sure something better will surprise and excite you, hope so


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