Beaches, pigeons, toads, and baths. 02-07-15

Finally installed the sculptures at Cley in Norfolk

The ‘Chords’ looked great stretching to the sky,I was pleased with these new open steel plinths, cut with Paul and Cath Richardson’s incredible CNC machine, thanks! – and welded by Tobias Ford at the studios.

They framed the landscape.

IMG_1316 IMG_1372                   IMG_1309     IMG_1365

The panoramic scape really suited these,  echoing Norfolk churches


‘Myriad’ was so difficult to transport we had to suspend it in the van.



Exhibited in the church.

Thanks to the installation team, Sim on the left Craig Hudson,Tobias Ford

Alice Ewing and Freddy Morris.



They also toiled to bring the heads a 1/4 of a mile along the beach to this lunar place!




16 Concrete heads, all cast by Bob Bicknell-Knights, beyond the call of duty for a new intern. Thanks Bob!


They reminded me of an old photograph I’d stuck in a sketch book years ago, of Cannon balls left in a valley after a battle, all the bodies having been removed..I always thought it was after the charge of the light brigade, but maybe it was the Crimea..? Hope you can make them out through my scrawlings!!!


Yet more Carnege!!  This time three in one go….



Quite a dramatic scene, This was how they looked the day before..


I wasn’t sure what had caused the collapse, there had been alot of bird activity in the studio, Swallows nesting overhead, and reports of a pair of Doves thrashing around!, these feathers found on the waxes made me suspicious!


Then as I was tidying up this little fella revealed himself!


He made a dash for it..


I showed mercy..and released him!

I fear a major factor was the heat wave….which has made me realise what in the studio I really cared about, I moved them into cool roomes, and even submerged them in the bath.



I’m intrigued by this one ‘Arm rest’ working title, i’m liking the slow dissolution of the body, and the props and disparate elements that still read as body.


I have to say there are some benifits this time of year. I always forget the shafts of light that come through the holes in the roof.


Valasquez and me.. blimey

Check out the Website for finished works.

Cheers please pass me around..


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