A figure’s journey- prizes in Sydney.

At one point I thought this figure was finished. (I think his development is featured in the last posting). I lost confidence in him one morning, probably too much coffee and a bad phone call, these things happen. I unintentionally started again, this rebuild took a month.


IMG_2252 IMG_2258

IMG_2275 IMG_2277

IMG_2278 IMG_2279

IMG_2300 IMG_2302

I was re-reading Kenneth Clarke’s ‘The Nude’, in the studio, love that book, its set in a 50’s time warp so don’t expect new man. His poetic analysis of sculpture, the Apollo and Venus forms et al is wonderful, and the narrative from 6th century Greek, to the Renaissance is a great journey. I found myself responding to the text as I made this figure from legs inspired by Kouris, to the Greco ‘Cnidian’ torso.  Then ideas about the angle of head looking straight ahead setting the figure in the present. This together with my usual exposed armatures, fragmented arms and the odd wrapping thrown in.


IMG_2414     IMG_2417

I began to like him at this stage, Just as Kenneth was tackling the sublimity of Donatello’s waist as apposed to the Greek ‘Cuirasse Esthetique’ (The formalised stomach looking like a suit of armour), and the beauty of the thorax.  I focussed on the abdomen for a few days.

IMG_2419 IMG_2434

IMG_2436 IMG_2468

I think i’m stopping here and get a make a mould, then develop him in wax.


The Dissemination block.

Here is a progression of one of my block pieces, cutting shapes out and sticking them to the outer edges to begin with, then letting it lead..




Some smaller figures developed along the same lines in wax





This is a ‘Torso’, a wax torso cut up and arranged,

inspired by Ethiopian Coptic Crosses.


IMG_2471 IMG_2475


The ‘Crouching Man no3’, is up on Taramara point on Bondi, in Sydney.

It’s part of ‘Sculpture by the Sea’, half a million people visit the show!

A gallery exhibition is attached to this, I won the top prize, $5000.00





Here’s the second ‘Crouching Man’ now permanently sited over the Bosphorus, overlooking Istanbul.IMG_4556

Thankyou to my mate John Esling for sharing this image of an unfinished Kouros figure in the ground in Greece, 


The lying man featured in my last posting reminded him of it.


As did this wonderful image of Bruce Nauman ‘Failing to Levitate’ form the 60’s Thanks to Paul Cope for that.


Thats all for now.

Check out the Website for more work, and scroll down for a host of previous postings.


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