The Disembodied


My ‘Lying man’ is now upturned and covered in pink rubber!

The mould is half made, in Sian O’keeffe’s studio.



finally the top half is finished, here’s the mobilisation team…IMG_2649

Next bit is the wax!

a number of sections were poured, and then the figure was reassembled.

upside down.


Then in order to get him onto the position I desired, I had to rest him on

2×2 lengths of wood, resting on anything at hand, ladders ,stools, blocks…

I constructed a basic frame of wood underneath, and then…


Removed the supports, ladders etc, and held my breath.

I decided I liked this set up. Waited a day or two to make sure I really did like this set up!



Started to cut him up into sections, so that we would be able to cast individual body order to reunite them in the bronze.


I love these interiors







Craig can’t bear to look..


only the stand remains.


some weeks later he reappears in bronze.. you’ll have to look at previous blogs to find out how its done!



Chuffed with the detail of the cloth on this, the camera doesn’t do it justice.IMG_2804

Freddy and Craig wrestle it together



Like Lazarus he returns!



The stand was a pain to cast, just as much work as the figure, and really

difficult to weld together.

looks beautiful in bronze though.IMG_2939

reunited.. hadn’t thought about the shadow that would be caste!




Now he’s safe, I made another wax, and start to work on him again,

You can see the original clay in the background, and the bronze study i’m working from. That was hard to cast, god knows how we’re going to do this.



As if that wasn’t bad enough , I’ve also been trying to cast this, 3/4 life size figure, with organic matter!


The waxes are shown in the last blog, here’s where we’ve got to with the bronze, again we had to cast all the sticks individually, again it was more work than the figure!


He’s taking shape, though I think we’re going to have to find a lot more twigs, we must have lost some on the way!


Here’s anther 3/4 life size wax, ready for me to work into.

You can follow the making of the clay from the armature in the last blog.


Here are the first cuts, not sure about it.. will leave for a while and get more waxes made , in order to remove the preciousness of working form one.


This is what i’m calling the shadow man, whilst I work on him. The matter from the figure is adhered to the wall behind, I think i’ll present it like this in the bronze.IMG_2944

This is a smaller study for a large 7ft one.


 For those who follow my blogs, (all two of you) you may be aware that i’ve been battling with this for nearly a year now, its very difficult to manage, its like a piece of nature, its difficult to think aesthetically as its really driven by an idea, anyway, I chopped off the old head, which had dissolved to nothing, and put a new one on. A focal point has now returned and the sculpture it seems to me, now has a soul.

Giacomatti said, ‘The body is just a prop for the gaze’, I always think about this when making a figure. I wrestle with the idea of losing the heads in this series, and freeing the sculpture, or keeping it virtually intact  providing a focal point.. ‘The gaze’. I think this will be one of the themes in the London exhibition this spring.


It was really good to have Christopher Le brun, back at the studio for a couple of days. We’ve cast some of his new panels into bronze, and he came up to oversee the patinations.

The photographer Anne Purkiss accompanied us, as she’s preparing a show of photographs of ‘Sculptors at work’ at the ‘Yorkshire sculpture park’ later this year, and later publishing a book. She has been photographing sculptors for the last twenty years, she’s done them all!! its an impressive archive look it up .

DSC_3778 DSC_3876 DSC_3881 DSC_3951 DSC_3893

Waiting for us to join him in the ‘Studio pub’.


and finally..

The ‘Crouching man’ exhibited on the cliffs of Bondi , in Sydney this Autumn, made it into the ‘New York Times’ here’s the image…


That’s all for now, if you found this remotely interesting, please scroll down and take a look at the previous postings.

and check out the website

Thankyou for looking me up.


One thought on “The Disembodied

  1. Hi, Lawrence, cloth fantastic! Shadow beautiful—like his spirit hovering. I so love this. “Shadow man” is really lovely, and for me I’m glad you left the focal point,also the shoulder and line of the body give a quiet peacefulness——-but when looking at the whole there is so much movement, which holds you captive, and compels you to keep looking. I can’t wait to see Lazarus in the flesh/bronze!


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