Places, spaces, Berlin and new beginnings

Hi, I’ve reached the half way stage on a commission, for a new Sculpture park opening this spring in Weissensee, just outside Berlin.

They have asked for the ‘Catcher’ scaled up to life size.

the catcher

So i’ve been struggling away on another standing man,  I’ve been asked to make a film to show in a room which will chronicle the making of the sculpture!!

catcher man

Sian O’keeffe started the mould this week… The pink rubber looked fantastic!





This is the sculpture park, (in the Autumn last year), David NG the owner, kindly invited me to stay, its an old hunting lodge, apparantly in it’s hay day a film director owned it, the likes of Deitrich stayed regularly.

This is the approach from the drive..


The proposed entrance.

David is also an Architect, and is designing the spaces.


Accommodation: Artists will be living there as well as visitor dwellings and residency spaces.


Entrance to second set of galleries and studios.



Its going to be called ‘Bei Wu’ Sculpture park, it sits on a large lake containing natural ‘Radon’.  People who swim in it regularly, live to over 100!!



One of the many properties and walks in the park.



New Studio.

I have taken on a new studio, its a large industrial unit in Halesworth, north Suffolk.

I need a larger space for the foundry, somewhere where I can have some serious lifting equipment and a larger workshop space, at the moment a typical life size figure has to be cast in nine sections. I hope in the new foundry we’ll be able to cast a figure in two. Experienced caster and sculptor Tom Crompton is joining my team at the end of March. He will be  building the furnaces, kilns etc. I will probably make the move after the London show in June.

Here are a few shots of the building work in progress.

The two beams in the ceiling are (fingers crossed!)  taking the ‘bridge’, a moveable beam with electric hoist, the foundry will be below.


Electric roller doors will provide access for trucks and delivery vans, (i’m beginning to sound like an estate agent)


David Messum and Carol Tee from the gallery visited. I was worried where I should put the toilet and office, the ever practical David suggested on top of the shack!

‘What a good idea’


The shack….


This is how you do it..

You get Roger and Matt in.




Cast iron windows found in a skip!


Tony, king of insulation.


Alice and Freddy first humans on the new stair.


The wax and modelling studio will be off to the left..Mould making and investing under Fred and Alice.




Really pleased to get the first large scale leaf man in the marshes. The light at 4pm brings him to life. (checkout previous postings to see his dramatic story unfold!!)





I don’t know how i’m going to survive away from these reeds.



I took the ‘Lying man’ over to the great barn at Tisbury in Wiltshire, the one Messums are turning into a massive sculpture space. We had a photo shoot there last week, these are a few snaps from my camera.




Its going to be an extraordinary space, hat’s off to Johnny Messum. The man with the vision.

The first show will be in the autumn, featuring myself, Brian Taylor and Sean Henry,  all sculptors wortking with the figure.


Lastly, Laura Ellenburger the experimental fine art photographer, has been setting up long exposure pin hole camera’s in my studio spaces. Some of the exposures lasted a month. We will hopefully feature some of them in the publication accompanying the show and maybe exhibit them at the barn, in the Autumn.

They are incredible, here’s a taster.

Can you see me?

pinhole-LE Studio 1 copy

I’m on the phone in this one..

pinhole-LE Studio 2 copy

I love the white plaster bowl, and the tool still life on the floor.

pinhole-LE Studio 4a

We wondered what the lights surrounding the crysalis like shrouded man (centre left) where, then realised they were all the weld flares from the  construction of the armature and the modifying of the figure. Its interesting that the figure is shrouded, it obviously spends most of its time under wraps, I only work on it a few hours a day. I love the ghostly box on the floor.

pinhole-LE Studio 9

Scan 5

Very lastly here are a couple of shots from a walk on Cove Hive, a favourite Suffolk beach. The erosion is accelerating the trees are tumbling..

It was the weekend the Sperm Whales were grounding in Norfolk, I couldn’t get up there to see them, this place allowed a pause for thought.






In the next blog I will be bringing news of the Foreword to my catalogue, written by my favourite writer.  A planned bronze burial in the marsh, and a film being made for the show, chronicling my last months at Butley.

Check out the Website for the finished works

and the previous postings for more info.

Until we meet again.



One thought on “Places, spaces, Berlin and new beginnings

  1. Hi, really lovely space for sculpture…love the brickwork , and the park. The fragmented man in the reeds could be you, still around in spirit!! …. The photos are amazing, really ” other” worldly……they inspire me and lead the mind into other thoughts. Great idea, fragmented pieces of time in your life. …….. Cove Hive, is that the same as “hithe”? Near Southwold? Fantastic wood…real sculptures . Cris

    Liked by 1 person

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