How to make 100 pieces of art! and much much more……

 Before we get to the top 100, here’s whats been going on in the new studio..

160630 LE Studio PC-13

Tom’s been doing his nut…

160630 LE Studio PC-10

decided to build me a cell



2016-08-01 10.14.20

2016-08-01 10.15.13

2016-08-01 10.15.01

shiney chimney

2016-08-01 10.17.09

new gas tanks..


Louis came to help out ..

2016-07-28 17.50.17

disporientating  first day.

2016-07-28 17.50.06

2016-07-28 17.49.59

things were still getting on top of Tom..

2016-07-28 17.48.16

2016-07-28 17.48.27

160630 LE Studio PC-12

I was developing signs of anxiety…Craig came set things right..




This is going to be the second ‘Catcher’ (the first is in Germany. See previous posting).

Here are some shots by Doug Atfield, The new ‘Catcher’ is being prepared for a show this Autumn at Messum’s new massive Barn Gallery in  Tisbury, Wiltshire.

He’s 6 foot high and about 12 ft wide


This wax is going to be the next ‘Borrowed Breath’

2016-08-01 10.19.482016-08-01 10.20.16 HDR

This is

‘The Borrowed Breath’.

I will be cutting out shapes from the wax and adding them to other areas, building an etherial otherness! (so i’ve been told)

'The borrowed breath' 5

This is over 6ft tall

'The borrwed breath'



Local curator Paul Cope, in his infinite wisdom! decided to ask 100 artists to make a hundred art pieces to give to his project. All the 10,000 pieces of art would be sorted into a hundred different boxes and redisributed  baack to all the artists, so they’d all have a box containing 100 bits of art 150x150mm wide. Another extra set would be raffled off on the opening night of the launch.

  He also  provided a board which we could all do with as we wished, this too would be exhibited, at the ‘Steeple End Gallery’ Halesworth. Opening 19TH OF AUGUST.  All monies raised going to ‘SIGHTSAVERS’


I set of on this journey with a heavy heart..

Here is the board and about twenty bits of card.

2016-07-20 10.50.58

I decided to use the board as a cutting block, and a surface on which to make the art .

2016-07-20 10.32.342016-07-20 10.43.12


NE2016-07-20 10.33.592016-07-20 10.52.56

I  gathered the detritus of the studio, including the post.

2016-07-20 11.18.48

Cut, tore, stuck and pasted for days..

2016-07-20 11.19.54

It got messy.

2016-07-22 11.28.23

 Momentary loss of control (very unusual in my life)!

2016-07-20 11.59.52

 A system did start to emerge.

2016-07-26 11.33.03

2016-07-20 10.32.592016-07-22 11.25.492016-07-22 11.25.592016-07-22 11.26.16

After collaging , pasting, sticking, painting, rubbing back and flattening, I decided to use all the bits of paper as back grounds, and set to with my favourite ink.

The square is a difficult thing to compose in, I decided to resort to my old friend the Quincunx for help. The series of ‘quins’ gave me a formula to explore and depart from, by this time I was nearly  enjoying myself. Though I was sure there was urgent matters in the other studio to attend to!

2016-07-26 11.35.31

2016-07-26 11.33.30

2016-07-26 11.34.18

2016-07-26 11.36.052016-07-28 09.34.382016-07-26 11.36.442016-07-26 11.37.05

The board was taking the brunt!

 2016-07-26 12.04.572016-07-26 11.33.17

For some reason I loved this one..2016-07-28 09.34.45

And this.. (bad photo)

2016-07-28 09.36.292016-07-28 09.36.46

the final bundle.


I made some 200 pieces in order to glean 100. I was taken on many journey’s, here’s a little sample.

2016-07-26 11.40.132016-07-26 11.40.242016-07-26 11.40.322016-07-26 11.40.392016-07-26 11.41.052016-07-26 11.41.132016-07-26 11.40.592016-07-26 11.40.472016-07-26 11.41.222016-07-26 11.41.36

A note left by Sian2016-07-26 11.41.572016-07-26 11.42.11

Check the project out at :


Car Trophies!!!

I was asked to create three trophies for a very posh ‘Councourse d’elegance’

A show of incredible cars at Heveningham Hall, they came from around the world, worth millions.

Not my normal line, but hey ho, i’m not proud.

I decided to play with the ideas I had developed in the recent body of work.

examples follow.

'Shapeshifter' grey back

'Nothing is final' (Let the wind blow)1

'Apophenic man' on black

'River man' angle dark feet

'The Patternist'

This is what I came up with..

2016-06-30 15.39.412016-06-30 15.38.332016-06-30 15.38.03

vroom vroom..2016-06-30 15.37.352016-06-30 15.37.04

I know I know….


Incredible coincidence!

We had finally finished an order for a concrete ‘Crouching man’ Chris Summerfield had done a brilliant job.

I asked the Gallery, where it had to be delivered. They said Flemings Hall , Bedingfield, Suffolk. I was pole axed! my Great Great Grandfather had lived and farmed there in  nineteenth century. In fact generations had lived in the Hall for about 100 years. The Hall had a mythic status in the family, indeed my Father had even named hi bungalow after it! Here was my chance to visit after all these years..

I couldn’t believe I would be placing a sculpture there.

2016-08-04 16.20.05sd2016-08-04 16.20.352016-08-04 16.21.26

Here he is  Gt Gt Grandad ‘Master James Seamen Edwards Esq’ (we dropped the Seamen, don’t know why) photographed in front of the main entrance in 18932016-08-05 00.17.32

see a resemblance?

2016-08-04 16.27.2bw


Lastly, The Gallery delivered one of my  sculptures  called ‘Kite’, (sold from their collection)  to Majorca.

It now overlooks the house Robert Graves lived in.


That’s it for this posting.

Please scroll on for previous postings,

and check out


for a comprehensive archive..

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