The Grass is always greener!

Bronze sculpture, Figurative sculpture, British sculpture, Contemporary bronze, Sculpture to the gentry, all your sculptural needs…….Jeremy Corbyn, Picasso, Paolozzi, whatever you want..and everything else..


Well its been a mad spring a time of growth. I’ve developed a studio greenhouse, this is the view from the kitchen.



Nature is forcing its way in every orifice



My clays have succumbed too, I love the way my methods can often reflect the seasons.. the following phenomena couldn’t have happened at any other time of year, in fact it came down to a week, I mixed grasses into my clay mulch, and the sculptures grew!!



I just likehis pomp, like an 18th century french artillery man.



Root vascular system


His hair-line is the same as mine!


I love the delicate roots on the cheeks, fascinating to see how all this will come out in the bronze…



Heres a mould kicking off, Craig and Ed consummate in their professionalism!

Be not afraid he’s armless!


You can see a strand of grass falling across the cheekbone, isn’t this a great image..? i’m going to have to make some sculptures like this soon, maybe paint rubber over plasters, to go alongside bronzes..


These figures are the first two of a set of four going into a new building in Cannon St London, next to the tube station. Two figures will be climbing this amazing staircase and at the top, a figure will be seated looking across to the back of this figure looking down,at his feet and maybe outside the window. It’s all about aspiration and power, the decision makers and those that await them. I’ll show you the climbing ones next time, they are difficult to make!   They will be installed at the end of September.. horrible deadline.

The buildings not even finished yet.





Meanwhile the Big Bronze heads move on apace..  check out the last blog for the previous installment.



Here, the second of the pair, sits with the two Cannon st figures.



Craig and Ed, size up for another mould.



I’ll spare you the detail, here’s the magical opening of the mould after the bright blue wax has been painted..  Fred and Ed model party hats for the occasion.


Here the two heads meet for the first time.. Fred’s been working on the bronze for a week.


Meet Dan (Russell)  on the right. One of the three new trainees, starting this spring and summer, he’s from Liverpool,  very fit, clue is in the t-shirt. You’ll meet the other two Eva and Ania in the next blog..


anyway back to beautiful bronze heads..forgive the indulgent photos of bronze in all its glory..


A Queue of jobs waiting for the finishing .




Here’s some trophies just finished for the Heveningham Hall ‘Concours d’Elegance’

An extraordinary array of  important cars, not joking,  30 million pound cars will be on display, (I’m not a car man but even I can see the beauty)

It opens on the 8th and 9th of July

They are adding vintage aeroplanes this year, so I’ve made a trophy for the best one of those as well..




I cut up a plane and rearranged it, the markings on the wings reminded me of field patterns, like those seen in second world war reconnaissance photographs.


This is the wax on the wooden base, ready to be cast.


Here’s a test casting just to make sure it all can just see the markings on the wing sections..




Show of Maquettes at Messum’s Wiltshire.


A surprising amount of work went into casting this show, it’s still on at the beautiful barn in Tisbury, and has been well received.

This is the flyer invite, don’t worry it says Genus not …..


Here’s some of the work at the studio ready for packing..



I thought I’d also show the working maquettes for the commission for the Heveningham Hall niches (see previous blog). We polished up the plaster models , the eventual figures will be six foot high, and the niches are 9…IMG_6396IMG_6415IMG_6416

Here’s how the show looks, (its in the shop bit)…believe it or not with the niche figures there are over 50 sculptures on show.



check out the website for details :

The Barn, Tisbury Wiltshire, SP3 6LW




We re-worked the ‘Falls the Shadow sculpture’. It was originally two separate pieces, I was never fully satisfied, Tom suggested welding the sections together, and he worked his magic, I was pleased with it . I haven’t got a finished image you’ll have to go to Messum’s Cork take a look – its worth it..




We  had a great showing  at the Alde Vally Spring festival. Works are still on display there, the giant leaf man being one of them, Look out for Kabir Hessian’s show, opening there on the 21st of June , check out the Alde valley website for details.


Ps, I’m in this little show in a delightful part of suffolk, if you fancy a trip out.




Also in this show in Kings Lynnbronze 4 image.jpg



Well well here we are again,, thanks for staying with it, please join up as a follower, it’s always nice to meet new folk..





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