Large sculpture man.. diced,sliced and stacked….

OK, the big journey started this month.. the largest sculpture I’ve ever had to make.

The contracts were signed and work has begun on a 25 ft bronze man. Its going to take at least three years to make.   I’m employing 3 more people, who are in intensive training ..

Here’s the plaster in a grid box.. this is the master we are working from.. about 3 ft high we will be enlarging him to the full size plaster over the next few months, the scaling up starts here.. he is basically sliced on a bandsaw..




He has to be angled perfectly, which is what the wax buttress’ are all about.







The slices are stacked and numbered


It’s a precision job, even the width of a blade can make a big difference at 25 ft..




Now he is fully sliced, he waits to be enlarged, what next.? you’ll have to wait until the  next blog……


I have finished modelling four figures for a massive staircase in the city.

It’s next to Cannon Street Tube station.. Two figures are climbing the stair and two brood at the top.  Here are the two climbers in clay.


This guy is arriving at the top of the stairs, looking slightly daunted, he has various wrappings.


I like the back!




I like this hand too..



This is the second man, but the first you come to in the building, he’s looking concentrated, slightly fleeter of foot, I wanted a touch of evolutionaryness. (spell check didn’t like that!)




The other two are now in wax,



Disco king!



Man contemplates monkey..








Fear of the collapsing wax……… poles and string..



Indeed the hot early  summer has prompted the use of props for sagging waxes.

A theme I think I’ll develop, once the commissions are realised. Though with a total

of ten 6ft figures to make it won’t be for a while…


These are sagging in the Sax studio,.. I’ve had to pin them to the wall.. Love them.. again i’ll cast them when we get the time in the schedules..(can’t believe I said that)



I’ve had to buy an access platform that reaches to 30 ft, to make the giant .. three of us had to go on a course to learn how to use it!



You can drive it from the top.. alarming!



Here are a couple of new employees ..

Eva and Ania learning how to operate the grog crushing machine.. Noise and dust do not translate to blogs like this.. believe me it’s not pretty.


Ania’s already having to teach work experience students, Harriet from Thomas Mils stayed for a week..


I used her as a working exhibit on her second day.. The Essex Art fund, seemed to have a fine time visiting the studio..


Hoody man.. wrapping again is proving most stimulating.. more stuff to develop.



A popular slot.. ‘The collapsing clay.’. here a figure disappeared overnight..




Studio detritus









I’ve made a couple of bedrooms at the fire station for the new assistants, I’ve put

pictures on the wall and set dressed..


this is not a bedroom this is finger painting… cleaning hands on boards after painting walls.IMG_6851IMG_6853IMG_6854


Maggi Hambling and I have just opened a show at  the ‘Lynne Strover Gallery’ in      Fen Ditton, Cambridge.  These are shots of the setting up.. The show continues until August the 5th.


AN ENCOUNTER | Maggi Hambling & Laurence Edwards



I’m also in this wonderful drawing show  ‘Seeing through Drawing’  at Mandell’s Gallery in Norwich, celebrating the life of John Berger.

Curated by John Christie a long time friend and collaborator of Berger’s and Martin Battye. The show celebrates drawing, featuring the likes of Kossoff, Aurebach, and Berger himself, amid many other significant artists, its worth a few hours.. Heres the link.

‘Seeing Through Drawing’ Press Release


Finally I was gob smacked, and dumbed by the medieval  glass at Long Melford church,

Apparently some of the best on the country, whatever that means..whats Modernism when it’s at home eh..?  sorry about my photo’s



The lady on the left was the inspiration for ‘Tennier’s ‘ illustration of the Duchess in

Alice in Wonderland.



This ‘Crucifixion of the lillies’, Christ on a cross of flowers took my breath away!



Enough, I’m going on holiday, see you on the other side…scroll on for previous postings, there’s a few years worth now.. and the website will always welcome you…

Have a great summer!




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