TheBig sculpture scale up begins!

OK just to remind you , we are making a 26 ft high figure, in bronze.. by far the most massive thing we’ve ever done, I’ll be taking you through the creation of this giant, in various blogs over the next three years, so the answers to your burning questions will come in good time!!

Recap: Below is the model of the figure in plaster, being sliced on a bandsaw in order to get a series of layers to draw round on graph paper..found out why…..




Here are all the plaster slices stacked up and numbered,



Here’s Tom looking at the shapes traced on to graph paper, He is then carefully copying each one onto a  polystyrene sheet on which the graph paper has been scaled up.




Eva now jigsaw’s out the scaled up shapes,



Here’s the top of the thighs



They are stored carefully!




Dan takes the offcuts to be responsibly disposed of.. I see a new sculpture coming!




Ania Eva and Dan (whose last day this is) rest after a hard days work..  Thanks for all your hard work this summer Dan!




Meanwhile Tom has started to grapple with the steel structure which will support the edifice.. A large section hands unnervingly from the ceiling, which has had to be reinforced, as the weight of the whole thing will likely buckle the roof!!


The leg section lies on the floor waiting to be winched into position..




It fits perfectly all Toms mathematics and planning has paid off!  He now starts to fit the poly sections..


Holes are cut in the centre of the poly , and plaster will be used to fix each one to the steel armature.. creating a surprisingly solid structure


The body section waits to be installed, But we leave it at this stage for now, as we have four bronze figures to finish who will be climbing a beautiful staircase in Cannon St London.. that’ll be the next blog..


That was a shorter pithier blog.. I am attempting shorter more frequent blogs from now on.. unless you want them longer?

Follow me please.. look at the website and let me know what you think..


have a good day ..

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