Cannon Green Staircase bronze sculptures finished………………..


Well a month has gone and its been frantic.. I’m concentrating on one project for this posting.

The four life-size figures commissioned for Cannon Green a new building next to Cannon St Tube, it’s on Bush lane, find the Leon and you’ll see it.. you can go and see them , tell them Laurence sent you.. (office hours)

We’ll pick them up being put together in bronze.

Don’t worry this guy is perfectly happy!!IMG_7371


so is he..IMG_7366



Two ‘Stair climbers’ waiting to be welded together. The sections have been water jetted and rough finished.  Getting them balanced is going to be difficult, they are going straight onto concrete, so strength is a serious issue, we have to plan for ‘Wolf of Wall St’ type parties, three people climbing them etc the same time keeping them looking spiritedly and in motion on the steps is a major undertaking, something I’ve been worrying about!!




Tom’s crafted serious lugs under the feet, to take 30 mm stainless studding that has to be drilled into the steps on site..



Figure coming together..


In at the deep end Ania Kwilecka came to work for the summer, she turned into a very good worker within the month,  She’s surfacing the bronxe with a fine chisel.



She made a subterranian bedroom in the boiler room under my Fire Station….



Nice back..



Harry came to help for a day… not sure he’ll want to come back!



John another new assistant heating up the now assembled figures in order to patinate them..



Here they stand ready for packing and photographing by Bill Jackson..



Relieved, the team celebrate, wine and crisps descend from above.. there’s a cake in there somewhere.. Ania’s leaving cake…



Here are Bill’s Photos of the finished bronzes..

The detail we’re getting now is amazing, the cloth on these figures reminds me of Tolland man,







He almost looks skinned!







So now for the installation..This is Cannon Green  27 Bush Lane, still under construction, a concrete staircase has been poured inside the glass entrance hall at the bottom..their home!!

2V2A8108 copy 2




We had to hire a big drill needing a water supply to cool the very expensive diamond tipped drills.. we had to drill through steel  re-bar aswell as high-grade concrete took two days to install the sculptures.

IMG_7515 (1)IMG_7523IMG_7537IMG_7539IMG_7548IMG_7534



We wait to get the lighting right and the building finished to take the definitive photographs, beamed to you as soon as – you’ll be relieved to know..




Meanwhile I’ve got a little show in ‘The Crypt’ of Norwich School, poster and invite below.. I’m giving a talk on the 9th of November in the Blake studio at 6.15.. just incase you can’t read it., all welcome!

Laurence Edwards Final Invite



I’m also starting the process of making  public sculpture to celebrate mining in Doncaster. The public consultations start on the 10th of November, I’ll be giving talks in 5 of the 12 mining towns surrounding Doncaster over the weekend.

Then making portraits of twelve x miners form the area, it’ll be live streamed whilst it’s happening.. a show in the Museum gallery will be staged in the Spring where I’ll present the final idea.. and a book will be launched, keep an eye out .. they’re a passionate people, I was happily surprised to meet a small delegation of concerned  x miners at the press launch.. more to follow …next time



Thats it.. goodnight and farewell..







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