Giant – big – large -Sculpture bronze heads clay men, Temple and…………………Mines.


Well the giant  26 ft high figure is growing fast in polystyrene layers. Here’s a quick run of images of the last months activity,  which are hopefully self-explanatory, check a couple of postings back for more technical detail…

See below a poly layer having been cut out, then hollowed to fit around the steel frame. This is placed, pinned and then eventually plastered into position.. a long and fiddly process!



Thats me on his toe…



Once the layers are in place Tom ad Eva can start the carving , using kitchen knives and wire brushes, they painstakingly copy marks and shapes from the plaster sections of the figure..




The numbers are critical in locating positions. You can very quickly lose your bearings, at times you’re almost snow blind.. Tom and Eva have found the process surprisingly exhausting!!



Life goes on around the figure, there are lots of other projects on the go. The deadline for this figure to be delivered to site in bronze is 2020…


He’s now a constant presence.. toasted every week..



The modelling is slowly making its way down the front.. we’ve had to stop for a while  to prepare a show that’s going out to Australia. The show opens in Sydney on March 12th 2018, moving to Melbourne for April the 4th..  We have to get all the work crated and ready to go by sea by Christmas..



This head is one of the sculptures going, We have to work out plinths and colour after the finishing, then find a great location to photograph it.. same goes for a lot of the other work .. busy times!


Here’s some shots of a second casting of the head, One has been bought and needs to be delivered whilst the other is abroad!  Here you see the head in wax with the pouring channels fixed, accepting the first coat of grog and plaster, to be built up and eventually put in the kiln for the wax to melt out…leaving a head shaped hole for the bronze to flow into.


Meanwhile the six-foot figures commissioned for 6, 9ft Niches in an century Hall are underway, I’ll show them in detail next month, here are a couple of fun shots..



I’ve also won a commission to create a sculpture to celebrate the Mining history of Doncaster in Yorkshire. I’ve started the consultation phase , involving travelling to ‘Donny’ and talking to the mining communities  that surround it.

Also breaking into the last Mine still standing though long closed. Amazing experience these Pit Heads are important to the communities as significant as the medieval churches I love here in Suffolk.



They remind me of the paintings of Giorgio DeChirico



de chiride chiricoIMG_7901


Then I thought of those Iranian tombs, temples, Persepolis, Ur etc

Untitled-1tomb of cyrusIran


Miners Banners and the carved Trilingual of Xerxes!

IMG_8086trilingual inscription of Xerxes


The imagery is amazing as are the people I’m meeting its an exciting project.. you’ll see how it develops over the year….



That’s all folks.. thanks for hanging in there.. please sign up and be my friend!!!!!



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