SCULPTURE, sculpture, more sculpture…Australia, dead horses and the odd fox….

Back from the other side of the planet, a successful exhibition was had at 12 Mary’s Place Paddington Sydney,  A historic gallery in Sydney recently re-opened by the ‘Defiance Gallery’ we virtually sold out with orders for editions..The show is now open in Melbourne at a brand new space .




Heres the catalogue ..just a click away!  Lawrence Edwards Gatter 13.3.18

Got a chance to travel. We got to Orange over the Blue Mountains where we were hosted by amazing Wine and food growers and met up with my sculptor friend Harrie Fascher at her wonderful studio in Oberon…


Get an idea of her work, studio and life, and the great person artist….she is…by watching this film…

she’s just won a $50,000 prize …


Lots of Horses at her studio…one was shot outside my bedroom window one bright morning.. it was old.  I have to say I’m disappointed to find my photography only recorded the grimmest of things… Here’s the aftermath after I’d had breakfast and brushed my teeth…


Then we went to the ‘Bush’ to meet Stirling Dixon  (Farmer and ecologist) at Taralga , part of the Tarlo National Park.. where foxes are not wanted..


Brought over by us Brits .. they wreak havoc with the indigenous mammal and bird population, small marsupials and ground nesting birds suffer terribly.. Stirling  and friends attempt to keep them under control.. a fine welcome…



Here he is leading the way on a small expedition.. well across a stream….



Eucalyptus where he pointed out striations on the bark where flying squirrels sucked sap at night.



His house




stunning interior built by himself sensous earth floor.



From left Harrie, Stirling, Anne and Jan.. who told me tales of travelling, looking for rock art in the Kimberley’s (far north Aboriginal territory).. where a wasp nest covering a rock painting had been removed and carbon dated.. and was found to be 20,000 yrs old….painting could have been 40,000..


Trees six months after a forest fire..Stirling got a new bush trained dog, that went missing on its first night.. so well-trained was it that in the morning 80 wild goats were herded at the front of the house (these and wild pigs are the scourge of the bush apparently) Stirling was able to sell them on to the local restaurants.. a lovely dish, one we delighted in that night.. good dog!

Apparently poor thing was gorged by a miffed Billy the next day…that was the end of him…





The wonderful shower..water warmed by a fire .



One of the many termite mounds reminding me of my ‘Sylvan man”



'Natural man' front oblique.jpg


The show continues in Melbourne 409 Malvern Way, South Yarra until the 13th of June..




Saw a fantastic Patricia Pincinnini show at the Brisbane Museum of Modern Art.. a great new museum. Brisbane is developing fast.. I’ve liked this artists work from afar for years so pleased to see them in the flesh.. I think they’re very Australian.. in the way horn and nail penetrates flesh.. their marsupial type relations with a platypus type convergence of materials and imagery..


anthropomorphized  courting Vespas,


Ruminations on Artificial intelligence and machines ability to reproduce..




Back in the UK, life had continued a pace.. the Niche figures for Heveningham hall being finished and moulds made and the 5th (of 6) now ready for casting. I’m learning a lot.  It will be 10 life-size figures modelled and cast in just over a year, and editions sold of some of them ….


The team pouring a wax of figure number 4



Under the watchful gaze!


The fifth one is based on a figure I made in the early 1990’s which I’d always wanted to scale up..



I attached small surveying figures on him, fused into the sprueing system. I called the sculpture ‘Standing upto Scrutiny’ Might try it again on a larger scale!




Tobias Ford, was out kayaking at Butley Creek, and trying to beat the time home got these rare images of ‘The Thousand Tides’ sculpture emerging in the water…


and these ghostly shots of him shot on the way out.

underwater5underwater 3bw



Finally, The Alde Valley Spring festival opened when I was in Australia.. Tom managed to finish The massive head for it. It’s in plaster and terribly photographed but you’ll get the idea.. we’ll have professional shots of it next time.




I’m delivering work to Messums Wiltshire for A Head show starting there on the 26th of May..




EXHIBITION: The Revelation of the Head

Saturday 26 May – Sunday 8 July
Preview: Saturday 26 May, 6:30pm RSVP

Our 13th century barn is the setting for a carefully chosen selection of some of the best heads that history has to offer. Ranging from ancient to contemporary.
Artists include Gavin Turk, Jonathan Yeo, Elisabeth Frink and many more…read more


I’m doing a gallery talk there on the 16th of June.a saturday morning. contact gallery for details..


coloThat’s it for now …next time I hope to have finished the plaster phase of the Colossus and may have even begun moulding with new equipment…bought especially.. don’t hold your breathe now..

and news on the show for the Mining sculpture we’re installing at the end of June in the French gate shopping centre..Doncaster.  Here’s a rock we’ve started to build in preparation.. tune in next time to see it finished!!!


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