High’s – low’s – climax’s – carnege…..

Hello there…

There follows some fantastic shots of the high moments of a career !!! (not taken by me)


Mediocre shots of studio disasters..(taken by me)

Let’s start with the high points..



We installed the six, six foot figures into the 9 ft niches in the entrance hall of a private English Stately home..

The culmination of work that’s occupied me for over a year.. so exciting to finally see them in the place for which they were intended.

A neo classical James Wyatt  (Robert Adam’s rival) interior from the late 18th century.. What a privelage!!





I’ll be showing these two ‘The Patriarch’


‘Canopy’ (working title – if you have a better one let me know)

At ‘Messum’s Wiltshire’ as part of a major one man show spread over two venues this September,







Mould making started on this  8 ft  clay figure, which forms the basis of a commission for the Sainsbury centre in Norwich .   Bill Jackson is making a film of the whole project from conception to installation. Here a we have a short photoghraphic essay (using stills he’s taken whilst not filming)… for your delectation!


Tom advising on the mould divisions..


Ed applying the rubber , the first coat is sprayed on using a ultra modern spraying machine!



Ed’s laying a mesh to make the rubber strong.


Here’s the spray gun.. brutal!







Nhung’s applying the super strong plaster coat..




Cases are complete, Louis and Ed start to de – mould.


Top case removed , head survives..



An optical illusion


Want to know what happens next..? you’ll have to wait till next time!




Now for the carnage!

Easter sunday saw the hottest day of the year, and my Saxmundham studio wasn’t prepared.. the next day I found half the wax sculptures sagged, drooped and collapsed on the floor..




As regular followers of my blog will know,  this is an all to familiar grim reality in my life.. a warning to anyone who wants to persue a career in wax..




Here are some of the survivors .. .. now in the process of being cast in preparation for the shows in London and Wiltshire this September.




‘Arbour’, a 16 ft high sculpture containing a life size figure.


‘Hithe-stone’ from flints found on Cove Hithe beach, being used for the Sainsbuy centre sculpture, but objects in their own right I feel..


‘Modern nature’, a sculpture of an oak modelled from life in the depths of Staverton Thicks, an ancient oak and Holly forest in deepest darkest Suffolk.


Plaster and paint..








Presumably the bottom of a well?  Exposed by the eroding cliffs at Cove Hithe



This is a ‘Paramoudra’ sent to me by Calvin Winner curator at the Sainsbury centre. These are strange flint circles found in the Norfolk chalk reefs, this one is at Sheringham seen at low tide.

The bone and vertebrae of ancient sea creatures transform over time into a gloopy, syrupy gel like substance that eventually turns into flint after millions of years . This protean flint gel, gets moved around by time and geological pressure and can find itself squzing into burrows and homes of long forgotten creatures in chalk. These phenomena are quite common along the Norfolk coastline. Apparently some of the nodules are similar in shape and style in different circles, reflecting the burrowing methods of the mysterious

long lost creatures!!IMG_1438


Blue tits nesting in our circuitry!



someone loves you..




Can anyone identify this bad boy..!



Ancient sculptures at the British museum, this one from the Levant  (ancient Syria) all the gem stones have fallen out to reveal this wonderful matrixIMG_2641

This from the Levant too is the oldest sculpture ever found, 7 thousand years old…


These are whats left of my bird colection after a moth attack!









Kesterl from above..IMG_1952




I thoroughly enjoyed Juia Blackburns ‘Time-songs:  Searching for Doggerland’

Mildly eccentric chronicle of a womans search through geological time  for a lost land  – mirroring  grief for a loved husband.

A friend gifted me Daisy Johnson’s ‘Fen’ briliant surreal short stories immersing themsleves in disturbing goings on, often delving into female sexuality with quirky slants on creatures set amidst fennish worlds. Good stuff.

Saw too ‘Grief is a thing with Feathers’ at the Barbican,  the same friend gave me the book by Max Porter.. incredible one man show  starring Cillian Murphy bringing up two boys after the loss of his wife, whilst trying to compose a biography of Ted Hughes,, A giant crow coming to his aid..

Add to that the sublime ‘Bonnard ‘at the Tate and Victor Wynd’s  alarming ‘Museum of Curiosity’ just north of Bethnal Green and you’ve got a hell of a time ahead of you!!!

Thats all folks… have a lovely May see you next month…







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