Two big shows !!!

Hi there,

It’s been a while.. just finishing the final preparations for two large shows, one at Messums, Cork Street, London, the other in the massive space at Messums Wiltshire.

New sexy catalogue has just come back from the printers.. here’s the PDF ..


Laurence Edwards Catalogue 5.8.19 11.36



The shows open one after the other, London is the 13th of September running to the 4th of October.

Wiltshire opens on the 14th of September to  the 20th of October.


There will be a screening of the  film ‘Colossus’ directed by Phil Cairney on the preview night at Wiltshire (13th of September at 6.30pm contact the gallery for more information)  This is a preview film of a three year project documenting the creation of the 26ft bronze colossus, I’ve been commissioned to make and cast! we’re half way through the project..Vast…..


On saturday the 19th of October there is a special premier / preview at Messums Wilts of Bill Jacksons film ‘Man of Stones- The story behind its making’.   again, contact the gallery for information.

Here’s a taster of the film, which is also opening the new Sainsbury centre website this Autumn! and being screened at the ‘Flipside’ festival this November

This will be followed by an ‘In conversation with Bill Jackson, Photographer film maker, Calvin Winner, Head curator at the Sainsbury centre and myself. Talking about the new figure which is  being launched at the Wiltshire show.


Seems strange not to put any images in this, even though there’s a whole catalogue behind the PDF.  Here then are a few shots of the Man of Stones, which aren’t in the catalogue and a few others for your delictation!


Man of stones





Plagued by fly’s on a hot summers day in Suffolk… Bill had to photoshop out millions of the buggers for the catalogue.. indeed there is one image in the catalogue with fly’s .. see if you can spot it!!




Colour reflecting the ‘ocherous’ cliffs of Suffolk and Norfolk









After the flood






‘Arbour’ , at dawn.. Bill was up all hours!









Finaly this from the Eastern Daily Press.. who are running a vox pop come vote  campaign on the ‘Man of Stones’ .. I admit to feeling queezy  reading the comments of the public!!

Please vote.. click ‘like’.. save me!!  I am running a 49% majority at the moment… lets get it upto 50… tell all your friends to sign.. i’ll be checking!!!!!!!!


I hope you can get to the shows, maybe we’ll even meet..

take good care..





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