Back from Covid-lots of Eds!!

Hi there.. welcome back.. the keen eyed, the mad and the enthusiastic amongst you, will have noticed my absence on the interweb. I Decided not to bore you with my ‘fantastic’ Lockdown exploits and concentrate on having them..

You won’t see them in this post, instead you will be exposed to what was happening just as it all started and where we’ve got to since we opened up again at beginning of June…. the actual stuff I made during lockdown will be saved for you in the next post!!! Its very exciting I can tell you.

So we’ll start with the Biggest thing! The Colossus is coming together in bronze, after a myriad of structural difficulties, complicated welding exams and new cranes installations, we’ve finally got to the fun bit..Well Tom has..

Here he is …

Welding the feet together..

Here’s Tom showing new ‘Expert guy’ Eddy Triplow the ropes!

Eddy is getting the hang of it.. He’s a real nice guy ‘Nice guy Eddy’

Tom’s passed loads of difficult welding exams to do this bit.. he can now make an oil rig in the north sea… This is the start of the stainless steel framework going inside the feet and legs.

Solid as a rock….

You may be a fresh visitor to my blog. This is what the Yox-Man (Colossus) is going to look like.. you can see how far we’ve got to go!! Hope to be finished in the new year.

can you see me!

I thought i’d show you the destruction of this plaster beast, it actually influenced my covid work… the stuff i’m not showing you!

The other ED, (second of three featured tonight) hacked off the plaster outer skin to reveal the polystyrene core..stuff we hadn’t seen for two years.

Everything at this scale is an engineering problem!!

I’ve decided to leave the head hanging…


Next Chapter.. yes they’ll be a couple more!

Third edition of the ‘Man Of Stones’.

Just a couple of ‘finishing’ shots to show, then him on a trailor and the Suffolk countryside..

Here he is, by the scruff..Thats Fred finishing him.

The Arty shot for this post..

The eagerly awaited trailer shot.. being delivered to a secret location..

Here we are overtaking him..

Here’s the traffic jam we caused..

And for those that don’t know the sculpture.. Here’s the posh photograph of him..He’s a favourite, the first cast is permanantly sited in the Sainsbury Centre Sculpture Park (UEA) Norwich.


Next Chapter!

Walking Man.. 8 foot tall.

Here’s ED’s mould of him under construction..

Here’s wonderful happy Nhung touching up the wax head..

Two hands ..he is big..

Nhung keeping it togerher!

It’s horrible when months of work are reduced to 5 photographs.

I love these waxes, though the hot weather meant I found him on the floor, the morning the client came to view him…

I’m very fortunate to have been commissioned to make five walking men, 8 ft tall, this is really too exciting.. I’m still coming to terms with it.. this is how I’d like them to work together.. I’ll explain more as the project developes.

In the meantime here are some lovely moody daylight studio shots of the plaster studies about 18 inches high, taken by my old friend Tim Bowden..

I’m working with waxes of them different schemes..


So what have we learnt?

  • 8 foot is my new favourite size.. works in the landscape brilliantly, and i’ve got about 6 more of that size to make over the next two years..
  • There are two Eds in the studio, well actually I’ve been called Ed, Eddy, Steady even Teddy before so that makes three and at a push we could let Fred in the gang thats four!.

Please sign up, it helps on dark winter nights, and look out for the much awaited Covid blog coming in a few weeks..

Thankyou for hanging on..

love to you ..LXX

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