Art by 2000 cuts

I had the privilage of contributing to ‘Here’ the inaugural show at the ‘Art Station’, a new arts space for Suffolk, based at the old telephone exchange in Saxmundham

The curators gave me a room with a view. I gave myself 2000 feet of steel, an angle grinder and a mig welder. I locked the door..made a racket ,nearly burnt the place down had a ball for a week… here’s what went down!

I repurposed a wax bust which was hanging in my studio, and used an old drawing as reference..

Vertical lines were my way in .. so with a jar of ink, a brush and a step ladder I created the backdrop.

I then set too cutting steel and welding..
I started to factor in the opening door, the walls .. burning wallpaper as I went..
Loved that!
Welded the windows open, and even effected a steel drawn curtain… (impossible to photograph against the light of the window)
It’s a steel drawing .
You can see a film of it on my new instagram site.. @laurenceedwards.bronze

Amidst many other inspirational moments!

As if that wasn’t enough, we managed to finish the second 8ft Walking Man at the foundry.. the second of five, he’s going to the EA festival at Hedingham Castle at the end of July.

Meanwhile the ‘Yoxman’ The Colossus for Suffolk is getting there.. his torso is coming together.

Thats all folks… i’ll leave you with Freddy finishing a ‘Man of Stones’ which is now on show at the ‘Grange’ festival in Hampshire… remember the instagram page… its a nice compliment to this … @laurenceedwards.bronze

Stay safe!

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