‘Yoxman’ arrival….

Well it’s finally happened … without further ado here is a little photo essay of the day the ‘Yoxman’ came to his final resting place after 4 yrs of hard work and planning!!

‘Quinto’ arrived with a 300 tonne crane and a little 40 tonne helper early on the 18th of November.

He lay like a leviathan, horizontal for the first and hopefully only time!

I was able to study close up, marks and forms I’d made years before, he seemed prehistoric.

To my delight he appeared like a piece of the natural world. As I’d hoped the cliffs at Covehithe and Dunwich were there in the forms and surfaces..It seemed this figure was eroding before my eyes..

He was then driven on the vast arctic lorry to Yoxford on arrival he was parked under a chestnut tree, which seemed to grow from him, slowly he rose again…

Calmly guided into place, the hall in the background..

Looking like penitants at a religous ceremony men bolted and glued him into position..

His strops were uncoupled by a caged man. (Photo by Andrew Turner)

His first morning saw him greeted by the Autumn sun..

The first view of him from the footpath, see’s him wonderfully obscured by a tree…

His reflection in the lake designed by Kim Wilkie took my breath away..

The second morning was more familiar, the subdued light suiting him, this the view from the A12 which rushed by, cars stopping, people peering.

I walk by him most days now, learning and trying to understand what it is that has appeared in this Suffolk landscape, making sense of him will I hope take a good while.

Thanks to The ‘Wilderness Reserve’, to Lois and Jon Hunt for their patronage, Tom Crompton for supervising the casting and construction, looking over an evolving and talented team.

Quinto cranes, Bill Jackson and Tim Bowden for their photographs, and Messums Wiltshire for their support and encouragment.

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