12 giant steps to happiness! and a new ‘Carrier’

OK…Here’s a brief one, well, by my standards..

I’ve got two things to show you.. first off, we passed an amazing landmark this week.

We managed to get a 4 tonne pair of legs out of the studio using four pallet trucks and a Land Rover.. here’s what happened!

First off, after much bracing of feet and waiting we finally lifted the legs in the foundry!

Tom skilfully steered them past workbenches and staircases…

Sim you’ll notice was often caught striking a pose !

Saddled up and ready to roll, Freddy’s Land Rover was disconcerting..

Sim, finally galvanised!
Not sure if Rowan was enjoying himself or petrified.
Finally reached base camp and lowered the beast. Sim you’ll noticed has disappeared!

Awesome, even if I do say so myself.

We now start constructing the torso.. and in a few months will bring that out into the open, and with a crane, lower it on to the legs.. that will be an amazing day!

Meanwhile I’ve been working on a new commission for a large scale version of a sculpture called the ‘Carrier’

The figure is seven foot tall, you can see us working in the background, for scale.. not to be confused with the other two sculptures..easy mistake.. both 8ft ..not us, them!

proper mouldmaking challenge this.

Really excited to see this in bronze.. its a casting odyssey..stay tuned..

Told you it was short..

Damn it I wanted to show you these renderings.. which I made for the client.

Please come back again, sign up and follow, if you can work out how…

Check out Messums Website for more info..https://messumslondon.com/artists/laurence-edwards/

Oh I almost forgot..

The ‘Thousand Tides’ sculpture has started to sink, its rather lovely, I reckon it will go quite fast now its started its journey. See it while you can.. Butley Creek, just up from the mill.

And Kim Wilkie the fantastic landscape designer who is doing a talk at Messums Wiltshire on the 28th of April, which I shall certainly be attending.. and indeed whose landscape the giant figure will eventually be placed in, took these wonderful photographs of my ‘Creek Men’ at Hevenigham Hall, another of his wonderful settings..

That really is it.. wasn’t that short in the end was it..